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The Realm started back in 2000 (granted, it had a different name back then) as a fun silly place to browse some collected anime image galleries. Slowly, we evolved and mutated into the site you see before you today. And we keep growing...kinda hard to stop...

RealmGraphics, a collection of web graphics, was a sister site added to RoS in 2002. RG was retired in 2007 as nothing new had been added in quite some time and other interests took over. In 2008 Aquaria was launched to share our growing pet fish keeping hobby here at home. (we loves our fishies...yes we does)

2008 also marks the launching of another chapter of the RoS community -- Savage Gems. Yup, I went and started up my own custom jewelry business.

I started with Poser in 2004...and well...just couldn't stop! Now I've taught myself to model in 3ds max. Sometimes I spend more time making things than I do rendering...just in case you're wondering why some galleries are rather empty.

So, enjoy your stay here...join us over on our RoS Community Forums if ya feel like it...and most of all, just have yourself some fun!

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Questions or comments about anything else?  s about anything else?  Email Savage One

(no...I don't have multiple personalities...it's just easier to organize emails this way)

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