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The Amazing Morphing Princess Peach Hair** is now here! (and if you haven't figured by now...there has to be something amazing and morphing each holiday give away) Due to the nature of this item, it cannot be used for commercial renderings. For personal use only.

Supported figures:
Aiko3 - default & realistic
Grey Alien 2-5
Project Human Female
F202 dollie
Lady Little Fox - Krystal

And for those that don't look at readme files - You can't say you weren't told:

Due to the amazing morphing properties of this hair prop, it is not parented to any figure. The default set upon loading is to fit Aiko3 in her default shape (as seen above). Follow the steps listed below for easiest use of this hair prop:

Step 1 - Load your chosen figure
Step 2 - Load the hair prop
Step 3 - Set the appropriate matching morph on the hair
Step 4 - Parent the hair to the figure's head
Step 5 - Render and have fun

** - Mario & Luigi not included

Amazing Morphing Princess Peach Hair

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