Britta's Christmas 2008


Amazing Morphing Mr. Lumpy II

We're kicking off our 5th Anniversary Holiday give aways with an old friend revisited. The first ever Britta's Christmas back in 2005 brought us Mr. Lumpy the Grumpy Snowman. I still love him to death, but I felt it was time for a bit of an update. So now I bring you Mr. Lumpy II - with even more morphing fun!

18 different eye morphs (also split left-right) give you a wide range of possibilities - combined with 13 mouth morphs, 6 body shaping morphs, and 8 "I'm Melting!" morphs means hours and hours of Snowperson fun to be had. There's also a nose dent morph for when you feel like sticking a carrot in his head.

Mr. Lumpy II comes with everything pictured above - Morphing stick arms, mittens with arm matching morphs, a scarf, morphing carrot nose, and three hats. All props are smart propped to the snowman body and you can load as many in a scene as your computer allows (I rendered all three up there together with no problems - honest!)

No textures - just Poser6+ material settings.

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