Sharing your texture creations with the rest of Poserdom

This little tutorial will cover making a matpose file within Poser5, editing of cr2 and pz2 files, creating a custom png thumb, and then packaging everything for distribution.

Before beginning, I recommend downloading CR2Builder, as it makes editing cr2 files much easier, and I will be making use of this program in the tutorial.

You may also download this simple demo model and texture I have created for use with this tutorial to help people along the way. Or you can simply follow along with your own model and texture.

The only other item you will need is a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad. I use Notepad, but whatever you have that works for you is fine.


And if you're wondering why there are blank spots in various images of the files as you go through...that's cause my name shows up and ya'll don't need that info. ^_~




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