February 5, 2006--
Galleries will be back up eventually, it's just taking me a while to decide what goes back in and how I want it all organized...that and I have a few million projects going at any given time...Keep your eyes out for more AnimeDoll & MayaDoll goodies over the next few months. I now have my grubby little mitts on Poser6, so there's no stopping me now! ^_~

March 18, 2006--
Happy Birthday to us! Yes...once again myself and the site are another year older. Nothing too special this year. Our gift to you is the first Toon Room Pack now available for download.

May 13, 2006--
Bryce, Poser and 2D Galleries are now up and running. Also up (finally) are some items in the fun stuff section. Rated MA is also redone and open for business.

September 30, 2006--
Nothing real new to report...busy busy busy. New freebie prop to download. Currently working on some mix and match hair for Aiko and Hiro so keep an eye out for those when I get them done.

November 22, 2006 --
Happy day-before-turkey day!
The website will be down for a while next weekend, December 1-2 (somewhere in there) while we move. Well, more like the servers and people behind the site will be moving. That's right folks, I upgraded my current rent for my very own mortgage!!!! I'm sure at some point a mortgage won't seem so exciting.....but to own my very own house (triplex to tell the truth) is so worth it. You just never realize exactly how much sh...tuff you accumulate until you have to start packing it all. Speaking of which, I guess I should get back to it.

December 16, 2006 --
Survived the move, with a few glitches here and there (most recent being the DSL idiots turning off our IP addys....) And the finals are next week...all I have to say is if you start college, don't stop. It's a pain getting back in the grove, and I'm only taking one class right now.

Also...don't buy a house and move in the middle of the semester. (and don't drink Pepsi for breakfast...that's my mistake of the day. Now I feel like that squirrel in Over the Hedge)

December 24, 2006 --
Final gift from Britta's Christmas 2006 is up for downloading. Nothing much else new to report....other than it's snowing outside. Big white fluffy flakes coming down.

Happy Holiday hooha and all that jazz.


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