March 12, 2007 --
It's getting to be that time know...that whole birthday thing. Soon the Realm (and myself of course) will be another year older. Some Poser goodies are underway, so stay tuned for when I get around to setting off the whole birthday bash thing.

March 13, 2007 --
Let the birthday bash begin! First gift is a toon hair for Aiko3. Nothing real spectacular, just a little experiment I had going the other day.

April 28, 2007 --
Yeah, I know the whole birthday thing fell flat on its face this year. Life tends to get in the way when you make plans. Nothing much new to report. Thinking about a redesign of the site again....just can't get up the energy to make up my mind exactly what. Realm Graphics will be coming down though so I can devote space to things I'm more interested in now.

Forums have been cleaned up a bit and reorganized slightly. Generally talking to myself most of the time, but that's nothing new. =P (ask someone who knows me...I have complete conversations with a room full of people no less...)

July 4 , 2007 --
Happy fireworks and all that jazz. Nothing much new going on around here...other than me being beyond busy and even more crazy than usual.

August 28 , 2007 --
Nothing really new and exciting to started less free time than before, but supposedly worth it in the end. That's about it for now.

December 19 , 2007 --
Survived another semester--YAY! And now it's vacation time for me--even bigger YAY! Working on some holiday Poser goodies, so stay tuned.

December 28 , 2007 --
Last part of Britta's Christmas 2007 is up for download. I had meself a good Christmas and I hope you all did too. Probably won't hear from me again till sometime next Happy New Year too!



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