While I do wish you enjoy your visit here, I do also request that you remain on your best behavior. Failure to comply may result in this part of the Realm being closed because I won't take the time to password it or anything like that. And you wouldn't want to ruin it for everyone else now....would you?

Herein, you shall find the Nekkid gallery, Madame Rocks' strip club, and whatever else more adult oriented I get around to. I do have other things to do with my time than just doing naked renders of Poser models...but there will be new stuff from time to time....Honest.

I feel that the human imagination is a wonderful you probably won't see anything more than playful suggestion here on my site. If you wish for other adult renderings, I suggest you visit the site linked below.

The Lady of the Realm 


Want more adult rendered fun? Then visit Renderotica.

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