Rated MA


This area has things some people may not wish to see such as nudity and partial nudity found in some of my Poser renders I have until now chosen not to share with the general population. There are no actual people involved...I don't do that and I never will. They are simply gorgeous 3D renders of models with little or no clothing.

Adult language and humor may also crop up from time to time.

If this is something you do not wish to be exposed to, I suggest you turn back now and look through the rest of the Realm. By offering a little of everything, it is my goal to make the Realm a place for everyone to visit and enjoy.


Do not email me with complaints or flames relating to the content past this as I will direct you back to this page and that will be the end of it. If you choose to click on and enter this area, you do so of your own free will.

Thank you and happy travels.